NetApp FAS Series

FAS8000 Series – Unified Scale-Out Storage
NetApp’s FAS8000 series is purpose-built for business critical workloads and achieves core IT requirements for uptime, scalability, and cost savings. With the FAS8000 Series, your company can accomplish business operations faster, reduced capacity utilization, and streamline your IT operations.
  • Accelerate SAN and NAS workloads with 2x the performance
  • Perform installs 3x faster and simplify application integration
  • Consolidate storage and improve price/performance by 2x.
FAS2500 Series – Hybrid Storage
NetApp’s FAS2500 series provides powerful, flexible storage that manages growth and maximizes the long-term value of your IT investments. Simplify your storage operations and connection to the cloud. With NetApp’s FAS2500 series your company will reduce IT operational costs, minimize risk, and receive more from your investment.
  • Accelerate SAN and NAS workloads with 20x the hybrid flash
  • Upgrade software with zero downtown
  • Boost usability and reduce storage consumption by 50%
  • Connect to the cloud to protect data

NetApp E-Series

E5600 Series – Storage System
NetApp’s E5600 series SAN storage supports high-IOPS mixed workloads and databases, high performance file systems, and bandwidth-intensive streaming applications with ease. With the E5600 system, your company can achieve high levels of integrity, security, and availability.
  • Accelerate transactional applications with up to 650,000 IOPS
  • Deploy with confidence thanks to 99.999%+ availability
  • Customize configurations to optimize performance and capacity
  • Simplify storage and data management, protection, and utilization
E2700 Series – Storage System
NetApp’s E2700 storage system provides general-purpose, mixed-workload SAN storage for small and midsize organizations and remote or branch offices. Your company will gain best-in-class efficiency, reduced costs, and scale capacity to support business growth.
  • Sustain high read/write throughput for high-transactional applications
  • Gain high reliability and 99.999% uptime with field-proven architecture
  • Integrate via host interfaces, drive technologies, disk-shelf options
  • Maximize drive I/O with performance-efficient block storage architecture

All Flash Storage

All-Flash Storage arrays make it easy and affordable to make the transition to a flash-centric data center. All-Flash storage delivers maximum performance, high density, and compelling economics. With All Flash storage, you can start small and scale as your company grows.