With support for dozens of operating systems,
small workloads to very large VMs, and the service
catalog to organize it all, Transformyx VMware-based
cloud services can meet your needs.
Virtual Data Center

Application Workloads

Built on a best-in-class VMware infrastructure, the Transformyx cloud ensures a transparent transition between your on- virtual environment and Transformyx Hybrid cloud resources. By leveraging your existing VMDKs and vApps, you can easily place workloads into Transformyx Cloud Services without conversion.


A vApp is a collection of virtual machines (VMs) within a cloud environment. You can create vApp templates, store templates and download templates – providing consistent and faster rollout of applications.

To ensure your machines are not wasting compute resources, you can set timers that automatically switch off VMs on vApps for workloads like testing, development, training etc… . You can also configure a VM with Start and Stop commands within the vApp.

Support for Large VM’s

Small virtual machines are common in the cloud – but few cloud services can support the largest of VMs. Transformyx Cloud Services can support large VMs of up to 64 vCPU and 1TB of RAM – enough to hold the largest workload.

Resize VM’s on the fly

The power to resize your VMs rests with you, through the vCloud Director Portal. Without any downtime, you can shift resources from one VM to another, optimizing your performance. You also have the ability to resize storage and networking for your VMs.

Physical Server Integration

If an application requires a Physical Servers, Transformyx enables physical server integration and colocation within each of our data centers.
Supported Operating Systems

Supported Operating Systems

Our cloud was built to support a broad range of operating systems (more than 70) that include Linux as well as Windows 2008 or greater.

Microsoft Windows Included

Transformyx is a Microsoft Service Provider with licensing capabilities for a full suite of applications to help you architect the specific environment for your organization. Eliminate the need for large capital expenses by leveraging our rental licensing model.

Support for Big Data and Large Databases

We have optimized the underlying virtual infrastructure enabling customers to run database servers including SQL and Oracle within our cloud.
Support for Big Data and Large Database


An integrated Cisco ASAv and CSR1000v firewall options ensures comprehensive network security around your virtual data center. Transformyx provides a built-in highly available, secure firewall appliance for all customers. This secures your Virtual Machine resources with Firewall / NAT / Site to Site and SSL VPN options.

Isolated network segments are created by Transformyx and customer managed. This allows customers to define the networking structure they require for their organizations.

Integrated storage and backup

Integrated backups from Veeam and Storage Craft ensure that all virtual data centers are automatically backed up. If you have a need for longer-term backups – 30 days or 90 days – we can help.

Snapshots on a rolling seven-day basis are included for protection and rollback.
Integrated storage and backup