• 3 Service Levels of storage to meet your needs –
    High-Performance, Performance and Capacity
  • 100% Availability SLA
  • Included seven-day snapshots
  • Multiple Options for backup available
Cloud Storage

Performance Service Level
512 IOPs p/TB

Our most popular tier of storage, advanced storage is a cost-effective option for the vast majority of applications. With the flexibility to allocate storage to each VM and vApp, you’ll be able to adjust the quantity to meet changing needs of your systems.

High-Performance Storage
1534 IOPs p/TB

For workloads where storage speeds are critical to your organizations success, upgrade to High-Performance. In the Transformyx cloud, you can select storage options on a VM-by-VM basis, so you can optimize your spending and your performance requirements.

Capacity Service Level
32 IOPS p/TB

Store files on our Capacity storage, a lower-cost alternative for those dormant or rarely accessed files.

Backup Repository

Backup storage supports our Veeam Cloud Connect service and Storage Craft Physical Servers, ensuring the best price for your off-site backup needs.
Backup Repository